Easter Update – from Pastor Kevin

Easter is a great season of the year for us as followers of Jesus. We have so much for which we can be grateful. The “Great Resurrection Sunday” is the cymbal clash of our worship year.

There is so much that leads up to the resurrection that desires our consideration as well.

I would encourage everyone to make sure that they do not skip by the days leading up to Easter. Take time each day to read through the last chapters of any of the gospels. Each gospel writer dedicates about half of their writings to this week of Jesus’ life. Start your day, take time at a meal, listen to an audible account of these days and pray and thank God for what he was willing to do for each of us.

Also, I would encourage you to take part in one of the extra service times this week. On Thursday night we will pause and remember, the Last Supper Jesus spent with his friends leading up to his betrayal and arrest. On Friday, it will be time to pause and quietly reflect on the death of Jesus and its impact on each of us. Each service will be at 7pm. Then start your Easter bright and early with a great time at the Sunrise Service at Hampton Beach. Each year we gather about 100 people as we begin the day celebrating the truth and reality of the resurrection. The service is simple, but wonderful. Then come back with the full church for one of the morning services at 8:30 or 10:30. Club 252 will only be offered at 10:30am.

This is a great time. This week is foundational to our faith, and life changing for each of us. I hope to see everyone as a part of the celebration.

Pastor Kevin



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