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The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to bring men together to assist them in knowing Jesus Christ and growing in His love, in order to experience a balanced life through His direction.

Mission Statement:
  • We believe that men need to develop personal relationships with each other therefore we will create opportunities to bring men together.
  • We believe that men have a desperate need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; therefore we will sponsor activities and events that will draw men to God.
  • We believe that men need spiritual growth to experience Jesus Christ’s love; therefore we will pray and study God’s Word together.
  • We believe that the experience of a Christ-centered life brings balance to a man’s priorities; therefore we will follow Jesus’ example, be led by Him, and closely examine our own lives
Creating opportunities for fellowship: We realize that it is often difficult for men to join with other men in fellowship. Our goal is to offer events and activities that help introduce men to other men in an environment that fosters fellowship. We offer events such as fishing trips, breakfasts, baseball games and others to create opportunities for men to invite other men.
Helping Men to grow in Christ: We strive to create times for spiritual growth and fellowship with men by offering prayer dinners and overnight retreats. We invite inspirational speakers to attend our events – men who can encourage and challenge us in our walk with God.
Relationships: The key ingredient of this ministry is relationships – with other men, and with God. We strive to offer opportunities to nurture these relationships.
Investing in men’s need for balance: We look for ways to educate men about the need to balance work, family, and church. We seek this balance in our own lives and earnestly look to each other for help in this important area of a man’s walk with God.
Sponsoring activities that balance our Core Values: We attempt to create functions and events that appeal to one or more of the established core values in our ministry. For example, we attempt to create a breakfast that will meet our goal of reaching out to men while at the same time finding speakers at this event who will appeal to appeal to drawing men closer to God.
Teamwork through work projects: As the ministry grows, we hope to develop teams of volunteers that can assist the needy with minor repairs – as a way of reaching out to the community.
As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another. Proverbs 27:17
Barry Brown
Men’s Ministry Leader