Second Sunday of Advent


December 9th  at 10:30am – Hear “42” (Isaiah 40:3-5, Luke 1:46-53).

“This is the Second Sunday of Advent. We are reminded today again of God’s interest, care and concern for us this season by this simple symbol of the Advent wreath. Last week the first candle was lit to remind us of the value of our lives to God who created each of us in His image. Every life has value and meaning. This week we light the second candle to show us that our lives not only have value, but have a purpose.

So many struggle with the question, “Why Am I Here?” We spend our brief time on earth trying to find significance for our lives by what we do. Scripture reminds each of us that our greatest purpose in life is to bring honor to God and worship Him. In Luke reading, when the angel appears to her to tell her she will be the mother of Jesus, her immediate response is, “My soul magnifies (worships) the Lord.” Our worship, honoring of God can influence all that we do- how we work, love and serve one another and bring deep meaning to our time on earth. This Sunday, as we light this candle, may we each be reminded that God has created us to honor Him, and in doing so find true joy in our everyday lives.

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