Mr. How Do You Do (Sermon 9/17/17)

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Join us in welcoming our special guest Author/Speaker Kelly Johnson (& Mr. How Do You Do). Kelly firmly believes that (no matter your age) Jesus has exciting plans to fulfill in and through your life.  She’s watched Him fulfill amazing feats as she simply obeyed and followed. She’s worked in ministry at churches, inner-city youth organizations, World Relief and is the Founder of Two by Two Prayer, a prayer movement based in Memphis, TN.  She’s spoken at retreats and ministry events across the country and internationally, yet she never underestimates the incredible value of ministry one-on-one/ neighbor to neighbor. Kelly’s heart to instill truth to the next generation led her to write an exciting new children’s series. She’s convinced that as children (of all ages) encounter Jesus’ love and character—in a relational way—their lives will be forever changed. She’s a catalytic leader, an excellent communicator and has a gift for scattering joy and hope wherever she goes.