Who is Our Neighbor? (Sermon 11/17/19)

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GUEST SPEAKER:  Dane Fowlkes serves as Senior Regional Director of Church Partnerships for Samaritan’s Purse and directs the national Church Partnerships team. He is currently in his fifth year with Samaritan’s Purse, having served previously for many years as a missions professor and missionary to East Africa and India. He holds the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Missiology from The University of the Free State in South Africa. He is married to Jo Beth Fowlkes. Dane also has written a book titled Ordinary Glory: Finding Grace in the Commonplace”: a book of reflections on the extraordinary potential of an ordinary life. “Ordinary Glory: Finding Grace in the Commonplace” Published author Dane Fowlkes, has led anything but a dull existence—from initiation into an African tribe in northern Kenya where he is known as Jilo, a name that means “a season of celebration,” to living near Gandhi’s ashram on the Sabarmati River in Gujarat, India. Dane served as pastor of several churches before being appointed for missionary service in Kenya. He worked with an unreached tribe in northern Kenya and equipped existing churches around Mount Kenya to establish new ones, later becoming dean of Kenya Baptist Theological College and leading a national program of theological education for pastors. After two terms of service in Kenya, he moved to India, before returning to the United States.