Your kids are important to us! It is our desire to come alongside parents in order to supplement their God-given task of raising their children to personally know and love Christ, and then help them live a God-centered life.

This is accomplished through our our Children’s programs (click for more info): 

(pre-K through 5th grade)
Good News Club

Mission Statement:

To supplement parents in their attempt to lay down a spiritual foundation that, in God’s timing, will lead a child to becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ.


Child Targeted: We will plan activities that are age-appropriate and engaging to children. The décor of the classrooms will communicate that children are valued here. First-time guests will “light up” with excitement when they enter the children’s area.

Have Fun: Children are wired for fun!! Having fun allows us an avenue to nurture and teach spiritual values to kids.

Relevant to Kids: Every lesson, activity, or example must be relevant to kids in their lives TODAY. This value will let kids know that God’s Word is for them and can be applied to their very lives.

Intentional Shepherding: Kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care. We will share the Gospel with kids through actions and behaviors as well as words. Our leaders will be shepherds to these sheep as we look to care for, encourage, guide, and genuinely believe in them.

Safe: We will offer an environment that is safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Physical safety means that we will hold to the very highest standards in selecting volunteers to work with children. Emotional safety means having leaders who are positive, welcoming, and sincere. Kids are accepted and affirmed for who they are and nurtured through kind words and actions. Spiritual safety understands that all kids will be at different places spiritually. Newer kids will not be put on the spot to know Biblical concepts. The environment will allow children to ask hard faith questions. We will never coerce children into making spiritual decisions.

Teach the Bible Creatively: You can only be considered a teacher if someone learns; otherwise, you are a talking head. We will use various forms of learning styles to communicate to children. Our children will become so fascinated with the Bible lessons that they will desire more. Drama, videos, puppets, music, and games will all be incorporated to relay God’s Word in a powerful and engaging way.

Children’s Ministry Director
Tara Swist
Sandy Courtemanche

Sandy Courtemanche


Norma Boynton