Deep down, we all are looking for a place where we can connect with other people. At Raymond Baptist Church, we have life groups and ministries that will help you do that. Single or married, we will help you find those places to connect and grow.
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At Raymond Baptist Church, we strive to reach out and meet others’ needs as an expression of God’s love. Whether we give a cup of cold water to someone in His name or pray with another to receive the Lord as their Savior, we must stay actively involved in reaching out to those in need. There are many ways you to make a difference in the world in which you live, and we encourage you get involved!
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It is our desire that parents and team members alike know and understand that we take the privilege of working with children very seriously. It is our desire to come alongside parents in order to supplement their God-given task of raising their children to personally know and love Christ, and then help them live a God-centered life.

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We offer a program for teens grades 5-12 who are committed to Christ and want to get their friends hooked up with Christ too.

The goal of this team is to worship God, explore His Word (the Bible), grow stronger roots in our faith, and plan our strategy for getting the word out to our friends and neighbors.

Every other week we practice what we preach by going into our communities and inviting our friends and neighbors.

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