To Our Raymond and Surrounding Communities

As members of our local clergy group, we recognize the concerns that many have during these days of uncertainty with the spread of COVID-19. In situations like these, it is the most vulnerable in our midst that will suffer the most. As pastors of local churches, we want our communities to know that as followers and servants of Jesus Christ we are here to offer whatever care and support that we and our ministries are able. We first encourage community members to be on alert and care for those who are vulnerable around you. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That means avoid situations where you, if sick, could pass along your illness to others; and provide help and assistance to those who may need it. If you or someone you know needs extra care that you or others could not provide, please let us know and we will try to assist in obtaining the spiritual or physical care that may be needed. In the early church’s history, when disease would spread throughout the cities, and others would flee, it was Jesus’ church that stayed and helped those in need. We may not be able to address all needs, but we are willing to provide the counsel and help that we can in Christ’s name. Also, if you would like to attend a church service, and are unable, you are welcome to watch any of our services on-line until this has passed.

Here’s a link with up to date information from Dept of Health and Human Services


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