“Happy National Insecurity Day!” (Retaking the Village Green 2/13/19)

We love our celebrations.

Every day of the year is marked by some reason to celebrate. January 21st is “National Squirrel Day.” February 9th is “National Pizza Day” (although many celebrate this holiday every day without noticing).  There are now over 1,500 days of celebration that are tracked. Whether you want to honor your mail carrier, flip-flops, or celebrate popcorn- there is a day for you.

I have self-designated a new day, “National Insecurity Day” on February 14th. Some might recognize this day under its more familiar name, Valentine’s Day.

For many, Valentine’s Day is not a day to stare dreamily into the eyes of someone and hope for a future with them. Valentine’s Day is a day when insecurities can run rampant.

The insecurity of not knowing if someone will designate you as his or her valentine (think back to Charlie Brown waiting helplessly at his mailbox for a store bought card.) The insecurity of not knowing if the person you are sharing a chocolate with “likes you” or “like likes” you. The insecurity of wondering if anyone will ever profess undying affection for you. The insecurity of not knowing if there is enough rocky road ice cream in your freezer. Love, relationships should not lend themselves to create insecurity in our lives, but trust, hope and faith in the other person and in your relationship with them.

In God’s love story to us, God not only talks a good game of love, he demonstrates it. The famous verse proudly displayed at some sporting events, “For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son” tangibly demonstrates a love that breeds security and not doubt. A love of words, backed up by a love of action. A love not of cheap gifts, but a love of giving what is valued the most. A love that is not measured by a price tag or dinner menu, but by an intentional action and presence into our lives. A love, which the Apostle Paul describes as never failing and greater than even faith and hope. A love of our life that caused Jesus to give his life for us. That kind of love gives a security that can never be taken away from us.

So, this Valentine’s Day, let God help you move beyond your relational insecurities, into a secure, permanent relationship with Him that can build within you and others a love that will sustain and last.

So, chocolate hearts, overpriced roses (they are half price the day after)- move over.

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