New Year’s Mayhem in My Life?

He did it.

“Mayhem” is a character created by an insurance company. In their commercials, “Mayhem” created havoc for people, highlighting their need for insurance. On January 1st, “Mayhem” made a resolution to no longer instigate havoc, but to be helpful to people, protecting them, keeping them from harm. Two weeks into the New Year, “Mayhem” decided he just could not do it, and is back enjoying the crisis that he brings to life.

This is the story for many with New Year’s resolutions.

We make resolutions with the best intentions and desires. People want to improve their lives, their well-being and give themselves a chance at a fresh start- only to find that the power, desire, and ability to sustain those resolutions fade quickly and we convert back to old patterns and behaviors.

God is not interested in bringing about a new resolution in our life, but a revolution. His revolutions are life altering, life changing and sustaining. Nowhere in Scripture do I see God desiring to “fine tune” us, but always wants to remold, remake us into something brand new.

Nicodemus was a teacher. He knew his theology. He had studied scripture and taught it well. One day he meets Jesus and tells him that he knows God is with Jesus because of the miracles he sees Jesus doing. He affirms that he sees the supernatural at work. Jesus turns the tables on him and says (my paraphrase), “Great that you see it, but it means nothing unless you have allowed God to bring about a spiritual revolution in your life, unless He has totally changed you from the ground up.”

For most of us, we ask God for “fine tuning.” That is what most of our resolutions are- “tweaks” to our lives. We find after a short time, we have reverted to old patterns, behaviors and nothing has changed.

This year, I do not want another resolution I make to come and go. I want God to bring about a revolution in me- one that is fueled and filled by a fresh encounter with Him. A revolution that will be sustained and bring about lasting change in me, and in others around me.

“Mayhem’s” character may continue to sell insurance for those whose lives need repair. I want my life this year to create wholeness in myself, and others around me. I need God’s revolution.

What about you?

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