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Ministry update from Pastor Kevin- 5/1/2020

   As we approach May 4th many are in anticipation about how life, businesses and the church will move forward. At this time, we all await the new guidance that will come from state and national resources.

   Several weeks ago, I wrote to let you know that the staff and elders were at that time beginning to address the topic of re-opening the church. We have been continuing our discussions, and I have been involved in many national and local conference calls with ministries- all trying to determine our best practices moving forward. We are still working on determining a plan that is best. I did want to take a moment to give you an update and ask for your prayers in this.

   First let me say this up front. This is not a “church vs. state” issue as some have tried to frame this conversation. This is a health and safety issue in which we are being called to personally sacrifice our own personal preferences for the sake of others who are most vulnerable. This very much is a Biblical principle that any follower of Christ should be able to relate to, the idea of carrying one another’s burdens, submitting one’s own desires for the sake of another and self-sacrifice are all attributes a follower of Christ is called to have as a part of their lives. All of these are modeled and displayed to us by Jesus himself. No authority is taking away our ability to worship. Jesus taught that worship is a matter of relationship with God and not confined to a pre-determined place. Meeting together as a group is commanded, but the size of that group is not. This past month we have all had a taste of what worship is like in many parts of the world today- and even in the first century- small home groups of like- minded believers who influenced their communities. While no one can ever eliminate all risks in life, we will not rush any model or process that could place our vulnerable populations at unnecessary risk.

   Second. We will listen and attend closely to guidance given to us by all appropriate authorities. CDC has already released some preliminary guidance for religious organizations and is further refining their guidance. For the health of others we will comply with, to the best of our abilities all guidance referring to social distancing, hygiene, masks, group sizes etc. In light of this, at this time, no ministry should plan an event that would violate any of the guidance given to us for the foreseeable future. This is a time when “smaller is better” and instead of planning large meals, meetings etc. consider smaller intimate gatherings where more personal interaction is possible- and even better.

   Third. Re-opening the ministry of the church will be a process not an event. One thing all the leadership is in agreement with at this point is that there will not be one specific day when all will immediately return to the way things were this winter. We will re-engage intentionally, carefully and in a well thought out gradual process- progressing from smaller groups to larger groups. We are currently in the planning phase, listening to others, learning from others what will best work for us. This may be disappointing for some, frustrating for others, but please bear with us as we try and make this work in such a way that protects people among us. I have heard on several occasions people saying, “I feel fine. I am willing to take a risk.” The issue is not the risk each of us is willing to take, it is potentially placing someone else at risk because of the exposure I may or may not have had. Please pray for us as we try to put this together.

   Fourth. This process is not about returning to worship but discovering new ministry possibilities. This I found most encouraging through all this. In every conference call of which I have been a part, ministry leaders nationally are looking at this as an opportunity, not a hindrance to ministry. Person after person have said if this hadn’t happened they would keep doing the same thing they had been doing because it was comfortable, not because it was the right thing to do. We can all get caught up in patterns and be comfortable with what is “normal” and not ask, “if it is right?” The Israelites wanted to return to Egypt because that was the “normal” they knew- even though they were slaves. In the Book of Acts, God expands his kingdom by shaking up the “normal” (see Pentecost, and later the persecutions of the church) in order to see the gospel spread. God is giving us an opportunity to rethink and retool to be the most effective church we can be in this new time. An opportunity we may not have taken if things were simply to remain as they were. This can be a little uncomfortable, frustrating but can be tremendously exciting to see what things look like on the other side. God will give us, and has given us tremendous new opportunities already in the lives of people. Please be in prayer that we will all be good observers and listeners to what comes next.

   I want to ensure everyone that the staff and leadership team are walking through all this carefully. Please be in prayer for us, and if you have any questions please feel free to send them in. We are all in this, not just together but with Christ.

In the meantime- continue to watch for those in need. Pick up the phone, drop a card, text, email, pony express others and let’s make sure we are caring for the people around us as Christ would care for us.

Love you all.

Pastor Kevin

Anyone mailing in checks for the offering please use the following mailing address:

Raymond Baptist Church
PO Box 106
Raymond, NH 03077

The Programming Team would like to thank everyone for their participation in the worship service survey we conducted this winter.  There were many interesting findings and great suggestions offered.  We have already initiated some changes based on those surveys, and there will be more to come as we persevere through this pandemic and make plans for the return to live service. 

There will be no Worship Service at RBC on Sunday.  Please see the attached Facebook Live directions for Worship Service.  Worship Service will be available on Facebook Live, Website and RBC App as well as Channel 13. (Attached is this week’s Prayer Request, Bulletin and Sermon Bulletin to follow along with the service). Please note that no one will be allowed access to the Church on Sunday morning except for the people working the service. There are no exceptions to this request.

New Spring Sermon Series is: “Healing for Today’s Modern Family”; “We Have a Secret. Family Secrets That We Don’t Share”. (Genesis 12:1-20).

If anyone is in need of assistance of any kind, please contact the office by calling 603-895-2859 or email at marion@raymondbaptistchurch.com.

Please join the National Day of Prayer Team on May 7th at 12:00 noon on Facebook Live or Raymond Channel 13 as they show a live feed video.

We are still looking for signups for the commitment to a 15-minute time slot between 6 am & 6pm on May 7th to pray for our country, our leaders, our military, our families, etc. please reply to this email with the time slot you choose that works best for you & your family. The kids are home, include them too!  I will be keeping track on one document and will forward to the National Day of Prayer Committee when completed.

This marks the 69th year for the Nation and the theme this year is from Habakkuk 2:14. (NIV) “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

“Stuck at Home?” There has been a Tab created “Stuck at Home?” on the Website which will have documents and YouTube Videos (Great Tools to use) that you can incorporate into your home and family worship.  Please check it out!  It will keep changing and more and more added to it so keep checking it out!

SCT DINNERS: Due to the concerns over the coronavirus and the fact that the majority of guests that attend SCT dinners are both seniors and people with compromised health; the SCT dinner for next week (Monday 16th) has been Cancelled! We will resume SCT when we have a better picture on preserving the safety of our elderly and vulnerable guests and staff. We will keep you all informed as to when they will resume.

RBC OUTDOOR CLUB: We have been unable to hold our normal spring events such as Turkey Hunting Seminars and Hunter Education Class, but we still hold out hope that our kids fishing derby could happen at an upcoming date. We await word from the Governor on his stay at home order that is set to expire on May 4th.  Stay tuned.  In lieu of being able to have an actual demonstration from our friend and dog training expert Hank Hough from Texas, we thought we would share this fascinating video of Hank with his dog Sunday.  We hope you enjoy it.

We invite you to check out our Facebook site at outdoorclubrbc.   Enjoy this Amazing dog training videotaped on Easter Sunday: https://youtu.be/Igz8s2jF9Hk?t=86

RBC SERVICES WILL AIR ON CHANNEL 13. Channel 22 has been designated for Town and Government Notices.  If you know of anyone who is utilizing the Public Raymond Station, please pass the word.  Following is the Schedule for RBC Services:

Sunday 9:00am

Monday 2:00pm

Tuesday 6:00pm

Wednesday 10:00am & 7:00pm

Thursday 10:00pm

Friday 2:00am

Saturday 6:00am

This week I encourage all, except those directly involved in direct participation in our worship service to take advantage of the on line opportunity to view service. This is to protect those who are vulnerable, and those who would come out of a sense of responsibility who should remain home. We will continue to keep informed as time goes on, but for this week all public worship and programs in the church will be suspended this week. You may send in your weekly gifts through our church app, or simply main in your offering if you so desire. Again, these are not normal times and we will continue to monitor and make changes as appropriate. Please be in prayer, and let the office know of those who may be in need, and offer what assistance you can personally, and do so safely. Thanks for everyone’s support during these days

Kevin McBride

Lead Pastor

ONLINE GIVING Instructions (This is a safe and secure site as well as 100% goes to RBC, there are no processing fees.)

Go to the website: www.raymondbaptistchurch.com

Go to My RBC

Click on Give

Choose a Fund

Fill in the blanks requested (amount, check, credit card or debit card number and amount)


HANNFORD PICKUP ON SATURDAY’S:  If anyone is in need (Church and Community) of the Hannaford Produce, Bread pickup from Saturday please contact Sandy Unger. 


YOUTH GROUP: Youth Group has been cancelled till further notice.

In this time I would like to take the opportunity to share thoughts and teaching in a different format. I have posted a video to YouTube which is attached below.  Your students can watch it at their leisure. Also Sunday we will have material on the church website.  This material will be a lesson/quiet time for them to use weekly in their personal walk with God.



5th thru 12th Grade 6:00pm-8:00pm Ministry Center 

Please contact: Matt Chouinard (603)895-2859 Matt@raymondbaptistchurch.com



AWAY or PLANNING A TRIP?  USE THE RBC APP: Now Available~ Online Giving; Sermon Messages (Audio & Video); Important Alert Notifications; Weekly Bulletin & Prayer Requests; Upcoming Events; Pastor’s Blog; and more! Download from Play Store or iTunes for Tablets & Smart Phones. Check it out and keep in touch!  Check Out: Facebook Live

TROUBLE GETTING SERMONS ON THE APP? Anyone with an Android phone and have noticed that you cannot get into the current sermons please try the following. Try a hard refresh. While in the app, go to the menu (horizontal bars upper left), and press and hold the refresh icon (circle with arrows bottom left) for 10-12 seconds until a message says it needs a few moments to sync. Give it about 10 minutes to sync, then get out and go back in to the app and this should allow you to get into the current information.

We are now on Facebook Live. Check it out!


Men’s Group 6:00am Tuesday Bible Study (meeting via zoom. Anyone interested can reach out to Les Houston for the zoom meeting link).



To Our Raymond and Surrounding Communities: As members of our local clergy group we recognize the concerns that many have during these days of uncertainty with the spread of COVID-19. In situations like these, it is the most vulnerable in our midst that will suffer the most. As pastors of local churches, we want our communities to know that as followers and servants of Jesus Christ we are here to offer whatever care and support that we and our ministries are able. We first encourage community members to be on alert and care for those who are vulnerable around you. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” that means avoid situations where you if sick could pass along your illness to others and provide help and assistance to those who may need it. If you or someone you know needs some extra care that you or others could not provide, please let us know and we will try to assist in obtaining the spiritual or physical care that may be needed. In the early church’s history, when disease would spread throughout the cities, and others would flee, it was Jesus’ church that stayed and helped those in need. We may not be able to address all needs, but we are willing to provide the counsel and help that we can in Christ’s name. Also, if you would like to attend a church service, and are unable you are welcome to watch any of our services on-line until this has passed.

Here’s a link with up to date information from Dept of Health and Human Services

https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/2019-ncov.htm .

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Once the COVVID-19 crisis has passed, Terry Austrew is looking to hire someone from the church to provide every other week lawn cutting. If you have any questions or would like to inquire please email him directly at: taustrew@gmail.com.


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